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StrongU STU-U1++


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StrongU STU-U1 Cryptocurrency Miner
StrongU STU-U1 is a cryptocurrency miner written in C++14 that mine the following currencies: 0xBitcoin, Ɖoin, Digibyte, Monero. It has been tested on Windows 7 SP1 x64 and Linux Mint 18.3 with AMDGPU-Pro drivers but should work on most systems that support at least OpenCL 2.0, which is a requirement for all five currencies. On Windows, you need to install the AMDGPU-Pro drivers for it to work properly. Please note that some cards are not supported on this build of StrongU STU-U1 and will simply not mine. This is because no precompiled binary builds of the OpenCL kernel were available for those specific cards at the time when this miner was created. As the world’s only ASIC-plus-GPU cryptocurrency miner, StrongU STU-U1 can hash simultaneously at 10 MH/s and 800 GH/s! It brings true efficiency to mining.

Here is a list of supported cards: Radeon RX 470, Radeon RX 480, Radeon R9 290X, and Radeon R9 295X2, and FirePro D700. All of the three currencies can be mined in a CPU and GPU combination with minor modifications to the source code, which might prove useful in the future since StrongU STU-U1 has an option for different cryptocurrencies and is easily extensible for more in the future. The StrongU STU-U1 is a SHA256 ASIC miner. The hashrate of each unit is: 8GH/s @ 12VDC, which can be upgraded to 16GH/s with the Firmware Upgrades from the manufacturer. It uses a standard ATX 24 pin connector for power supply.

Buy StrongU STU-U1 Miner Online
You can buy StrongU STU-U1 miner online at our store online at a moderate price. You can get it almost instantly with an instant delivery option, which is available through PayPal, eChecks, and Bitcoin transactions. We also offer coupons for a discount on your purchase, so be sure to check them out before you make your payment! With StrongU STU-U1 Miner, you can mine cryptocurrencies with just a few clicks. Our product includes an easy to install executable file and the necessary configuration files for all ten supported currencies: 0xBitcoin, Ɖoin, Digibyte, Dogecoin, Feathercoin, Litecoin, Monacoin, Reddcoin, Siacoin and Viacoin. StrongU STU-U1 is the best cryptocurrency miner that can mine more than 20 cryptocurrencies. It has the ability to be used in any country of the world, with an output power of up to 2000W. The StrongU STU-U1 crypto miner comes with a user manual and all the necessary accessories for its use. Order it now.


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