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MicroBT Whatsminer D1


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MicroBT Whatsminer D1
The MicroBT Whatsminer D1 was designed to be an affordable, low-power and low-noise bitcoin miner for home users who want to make a small additional income without investing thousands of dollars. Built with its own hashing algorithms and zero dependency on external hardware, the D1 mines at 0.5 J/GH, drawing 18W and generating up to 1, 200Mh/s (or 1. 2Kilo-hashes per second). Most mining rigs that we see come in the form of a box that holds the different pieces together. This is not the case with the MicroBT Whatsminer D1. The miner is a palm-sized device that is the size of a fist and plugs into a wall socket. It has one button on it and it’s very light. One of the features of this miner is that it can be charged by solar energy. It can also connect to other mining devices by using its USB cable. It is able to run on Windows and Linux. The only way that you can get this miner at the moment is through an internet connection. You will be able to mine using this miner by connecting to the internet and running the software for it on your computer.

MicroBT Whatsminer D1 Technical specifications
MicroBT Whatsminer D1 is a high-efficiency ASIC cryptocurrency miner. The miner includes: a host board with 32 Bi-Xeon chips and 8GB DRAM, a power-supply board, six 300W PSUs, a board control unit (optional), two fans, a 30A DC-DC module. Whatsminer D1 has hashrate of 15TH/s and is reported to generate 450 watts. The miner is 100% open source and available for sale at 10 TH/s of hashrate, with a power usage of 0.45KW. The power supply board of this miner can be used to control all the mining components independently. It enables any existing PSU with 12V input to power the miner’s components on DC 12V source. Or, an AP6525 controller board can be added to the miner as a standalone power supply unit for simple operation of up to 4 more miners.

MicroBT Whatsminer D1 Profitability
The MicroBT Whatsminer D1 is a profitable cryptocurrency miner. However, the profitability of this miner is subject to the exchange rate of BTC at the time of mining. The BTC is not included in the calculation of actual ROI, but only taken into consideration for the mining pool fees and any payouts to miners. For example, if a MicroBT Whatsminer D1 is mining at a price of 1BTC/Watt and a MicroBT Whatsminer D1 sells the mined BTC for 0.3BTC/Watt, then the profitability of the miner would be calculated as 0.3/0.09 = 43.8% which is greater than 100%.


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