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KD5 from Goldshell mining Kadena algorithm


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KD5 from Goldshell Mining Kadena Algorithm
Goldshell Mining, has developed the KD5 mining algorithm, which is the best mining algorithm ever created. This new algorithm was built from scratch and is optimized for GPU and CPU mining. The main idea behind Goldshell Mining is developing a new generation of mining algorithms that will be resistant to ASIC, FPGA and other types of advanced equipment. This algorithm can also be mined with GPU or CPU via computer.
The Kadena algorithm is the new breakthrough in hashing algorithms which are used to confirm transactions on the blockchain. The algorithm is based on the blake2s 256-bit hash function (based on SHA-256), but with a major improvement: doubling the number of hashing passes. The algorithm uses 10,240 hashing passes over the data as opposed to only 2,048 in the case of blake2s or 4,096 in the case of SHA-256.

KD5 from Goldshell Mining Kadena Algorithm Specification
Number of Hashing Passes: 10,240
Hashing Algorithm: Kadena & blake2s 256-bit hash function
GPU Mining: Yes – AMD, NVIDIA and CPU mining available.
CPU Mining: Pentium 4 or better
Block Time: 90 Seconds
Difficulty Retargeting Algorithm: Digishield V3 – every block
KD5 from Goldshell with Kadena Algorithm is the best mining hardware ever created and is safer than any other algorithm, including X16S and Claymore’s DualEqualizer. With the KD5 miner, you do not need any special devices such as ASIC or FPGA anymore to mine. You can mine with your current computer or modern laptop and mine directly to an exchange. The mining device is very easy to use, just start the exe file and you will be ready to mine. It also includes a web browser MinerGate pool as added functionality so you can mine on several pools at once. The estimated mining time for one block is 20 minutes so you should earn around 80 KD5 per day. This may vary depending on your hardware speed, network hash rate and other factors.

The Profitability of Goldshell KD5
KD5 from Goldshell is the most profitable mining algorithm in the market. The block reward is 5 KD5 per block. At the current price, that equals about 1.2 US Dollars or 0.8 Euros per block. This value varies throughout time and the market fluctuates every day, but it will never be worth less than this amount. If you want to be profitable with mining, then choose Goldshell Mining.


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